LCS Energy ManagementEnergy Management

Energy Management is much more than purchasing your electricity, gas and water at the best value available. Energy Management is about understanding your usage, finding areas of wastage, implementing changes (technological or behavioural), verify the savings and all in line with the company’s commitment and financial objectives.

Our Energy Management Specialists work with you to review your energy needs, measure usage, monitor spend and propose recommendations via an energy management report. We don’t tell you what you already know, we tell you what you should know.

You can’t Manage what you don’t Measure

Our value proposition starts with installation of the measurement equipment. Showing you when and where you spend money on energy, our solution can be retrofitted into most electrical environments without disruption or outage. Coupled with a sophisticated web based platform that allows you to see your energy activity in real time, down to circuit and appliance level. The platform can monitor all utilities, such as gas and water and is ideal for businesses of all sizes as well as companies with multiple sites.

Uninformed people make Uninformed decisions

A challenge for most energy managers is being able to present energy wastage in simple terms: what is using the energy, when is it using it and how much it costs. We start at the ‘big picture’ giving you the headlines with all your energy and utilities in one place. With updated projections you can see your predicted costs for the next period and estimate your CO2 generation. Via the platform we can view usage by month, week or day. Move through the minutes with consumption and cost at your fingertips. Add appliances into groups such as lighting or heating. Split usage into working and non-working hours and see the non-productive energy you consume.

LCS Energy can provide you with extensive but easy to understand energy reports. This real and accessible detail empowers you to make informed decisions on new technologies and drive real change with accurate ROI analysis.

Whether the report evidences the need for Energy Efficient TechnologiesRenewable Technologies or behavioural change the continuation of the monitoring software can provide the validation of the implemented changes.

Our proposition of energy saving measures can help update facilities, improve working environments, reduce maintenance costs, set environmental standards and add value to the buildings by protecting them against inflation and rising fuel bills. We are one of the few companies that can develop and deliver comprehensive energy management programmes from assessment, through installation to ongoing service support. Throughout the programme our in–house energy management specialists will monitor, analyse and report on energy performance and react appropriately to ensure that our clients continue to reduce their energy costs. Often this requires a degree of behavioural change and our approach is to educate, influence, engage and showcase results to the building occupants and make energy awareness a key part of organisational culture.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


“Since the beginning of the year, we have managed to reduce our overall energy use thanks to the information made available.”

We have achieved this by addressing individual items such as out-of-hours energy by departments, including building services equipment like air handling and air-con in each area.”

Peter Brooker, Facilities Manager.


“Using the system has identified areas where the BMS was not working as it should and highlighted where plant equipment was beginning to fail. This meant that maintenance costs were reduced as a direct result of using the system. I believe it to be a great asset to reducing energy in the hotel and would thoroughly endorse its use in any commercial property.”

“Overall, the project has seen Hilton London Gatwick reduce energy consumption in these areas by over 27%.” –  Elliott Porter, Chief Engineer Hilton London Gatwick.