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Electric Vehicles (EVs) – The Future…


  • Electric vehicles are becoming an ever increasingly more popular way to travel.

  • EU carbon reduction targets have a large part to play – they state that by 2020, one in every five vehicles in Britain need to be electric or ultra-low emission.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint – Electric vehicles don’t emit any harmful pollutants and are perfect for city-centre traffic conditions, where vehicles are often sitting idle but still pumping out emissions.

  • Cost- saving technology – Lithium-ion batteries can now carry more energy for a given size, meaning cars can be driven further in between charges. With today’s technology, vehicles can travel 100-130 miles in between charges, while the top-of-the-range Tesla Roadster has a reported range of 300 miles.

  • As this technology has come down in price, costs of petrol and diesel have gone up. Fuel prices are likely to continue to rise, making electric vehicles more cost effective as time goes on.

Why EV?

Who Are You? Your Target Market The Benefits
Companies Employees, customers, media Cost effectively attract and keep customers, enhance and promote a positive brand image, potential revenue stream
Government Employees and voters Supports sustainability objectives, potential revenue stream, enhance and promote a positive brand image
Commercial/Service Industries Guests, customers, the media Boost guest satisfaction, increase occupancy rates, differentiate from competitors, enhance and promote a positive brand image, potential revenue stream
*£295 is based on spare-way in existing consumer unit and EV Charging unit being less than 20 metres from consumer unit.