Battery Storage

barttery-storageWhat is Battery Storage

Solar PV panels generate electricity during daylight hours. Until recently this meant relying on electricity from the grid after dark. The new range of solar PV battery storage systems enable you to capture the energy generated by your solar panels, store it and use it at any time of the day or night.

Now you can make the most of every bit of free electricity your solar PV panels produce and reduce your dependence on traditional power providers.

Why Battery Storage


One of the long-standing issues with most renewable energy sources is the intermittency of the supply. Wind can be difficult to predict and solar can only provide power when the sun is shining. This creates challenges with balancing the grid and making the most of your renewable energy when it is available. Power stored in a battery for use when needed mitigates this problem.


The greatest income is earned from your system when you use the power yourself instead of exporting it back to The National Grid. This is because the cost of buying energy from The Grid is up to three times the rate you will receive from exporting it. The ideal scenario for a renewable energy system is therefore 100% self-use.

In the majority of cases, however, this 100% target is not met because the peak demand from the site does not match with the peak production times from the system. Generally speaking, in the UK the peak demand time for power is from 4pm until 8pm, whereas peak solar production would be at midday when the sun is at its highest.

If we can shift the power from peak production times to peak demand times then this opens a window of opportunity for saving energy and earning further revenue.


Our grid supply is under tremendous pressure; battery power can be used to reduce demand at peak times and earn additional revenue through a number of National Grid incentive schemes. In some scenarios this can be achieved using a back-up generator too.


We can use a combination of National Grid incentive schemes and techniques to maximise revenue and increase your savings. We can forecast what a day’s import and on-site generation is likely to look like and make adjustments accordingly to optimise grid rates, on-site renewable energy generation and battery supply with any of the above schemes. This will provide the lowest electricity cost and maximise income at any given time.


We can support you in obtaining funding to invest in a battery unit and we offer a free installation service. You will receive an agreed annual income and free standby power but without having to pay for the cost of the unit.


We only work with the highest quality products and most trusted suppliers including, Tesla, LG Chem, SAMSUNG and NEC Systems; so you can count on a reliable and predictable level of performance.

Most systems have a 10,000 cycle life. Depending on how the system operates, this means up to a 15 year life and a drop to 70% of the original, day one performance. Tesla in particular can offer a minimum energy throughput warranty to guarantee your battery’s storage capacity and supply performance.

Vehicle electrification

Looking to the future, the increasing use of electric vehicles will have a considerable impact on the demand for electricity and the development of future power grids.

The production of electric vehicles is predicted to rise dramatically, as automotive manufacturers look for alternative means of powering their vehicles.

Integrating LCS Energy’s Battery Energy Storage Systems into existing and new grids will facilitate vehicle electrification programs by ensuring a stable and consistent supply of the electricity vital to charge their onboard batteries.